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    Accessibility & Aging
    in Place Renovations

The Embracor/Habermehl Team - Your Accessibility Solution

The Embracor / Habermehl team provides you with the best in accessibility equipment and hardware, along with the time-tested experience of a first class renovation contractor.

Mobility is challenging enough, without the complexity of trying to figure out how to make your home fully accessible. Embracor Medical & Habermehl Contracting Ltd have come together to provide you with the perfect one-stop-shop solution. As a team we will take you from A to Z on the road to making your home fully accessible.

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Accessibility Assessment and Design


Accessibility Kitchens

Accessibility Bathrooms

Residential LIfts

Hardware & Aids

Door Widening

Hall Widening

Non-Slip Flooring

Rails and Grab Bars

Building a Plan

- Assess current and future “needs”
- Identify potential accessibility solutions
- Forecast potential costs & establish budgets
- Build a workable plan
- Create required drawings, as well as scope of work - Estimate finalized plans & scope
- Presentation & approvals
- Secure financing
- Contract & renovate