The HAberhehl Team

Dwight Habermehl


Dwight brings a rich heritage of residential and construction management to Habermehl Contracting Ltd. Habermehl is a family business established in 1963 by Dwight’s father. Growing up in the industry and eventually leading the business in Halifax has provided two decades of experience and knowledge accrual. Dwight takes great pleasure in offering his customers building excellence, integrity, clear and personable service.

  • ​​President, Habermehl Contracting Ltd., 1963-

Adam Greeley

Project Developer

​Adam has been with the company since 2013, and has always had an eye for detail.

He is responsible for ensuring that the projects are estimated with accuracy and efficiency.

He takes great pride in the quality of his work and ensuring our customers get an estimate that is accurate to the final project cost.

Foster MacKenzie

B.A., B.E.D.S., B.Arch, NSAA (Ret) HCL - Architecture Oversight

Foster brings to the Habermehl Team a rich history of experience and flair in architecture in Atlantic Canada. He is Architect Emeritus, overseeing design and engineering services for HCL

  • Founding partner of Harvey & MacKenzie Ltd., Halifax
  • President, Nova Scotia Association of Architects 1991 & 92
  • Chair, Canadian Committee of Architectural Councils (CCAC) 1992 & 93
  • Chair, Design, Construction Institute, Halifax 1993 & 94
  • Board of Governors, Technical University of N.S. 1994-97
  • Member, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 1997-2005
  • Member, Nova Scotia Association of Architects 1980-2015

Kristen Habermehl

RHFAC Professional HCL - Certified Accessibility Assessor

Kristen brings to the Habermehl Team the most current regulatory details for accessibility in our province. She was first to be certified east of Ontario in RHFAC, which is our provincially - recognized accessibility audit system. She brings both passion and balance, with advocacy for inclusion and eighteen years of business management.

  • Vice President of HCL 2000 – current
  • Public speaker on accessibility and healthy family practices
  • RHFAC member / Educator

JJ McNeil

CCO & Project Manager

​Jay keeps the projects flowing from contract to completion.

He ensures the work on site stays on schedule, within budget, and to the highest quality standard.

With experience in both residential & commercial construction, Jay has been perfecting his craft since 2010.

Caleb Habermehl

Office Manager

​Caleb manages the daily operations of the office and the flow of information.

He is responsible for driving the development process, coordinating the office and keeping things running on schedule.

His background is in business, management, & technology.

Josolyn Cuvelier


​Josolyn designs the working drawings for construction.

She is responsible for drawing plans, capturing vital details, and moving the project from design to estimate.

With her education in Architectural Drafting from NSCC, Josolyn is drafting in both residential and commercial design for Habermehl Contracting.

Jack Wong

Business Development

Jack’s dual background in engineering and fine arts makes him a unique addition to the Habermehl team. He contributes both technical efficiency and creative flair in developing systems and structures to strengthen the backbone of the company.