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Building On A Solid Foundation.

The idea of a basement has certainly changed considerably over the decades. Once considered an unfinished space for cold storage and housing mechanicals and appliances such as a furnace, washer/dryer, or freezer, today we've come to expect a basement to be a much more sophisticated and livable space.

Each existing basement comes with a list of challenges based on how it was originally built and its original intended use, and the level of finishing desired for new purposes. Above all, since a basement is below grade, the foundation's condition, as well as moisture, drainage, ventilation, insulation, and lighting are all crucial considerations. Engineering and permitting may also be required.

At Habermehl, our expert team can help you identify these challenges. ensuring that your dream basement build isn't laid over existing issues that come back to bite you!

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Yours To Imagine.

​With full confidence in our careful and sound approach to what's behind the walls and under the floors, you can turn your imagination to the things you can see. Want to build a home theatre, an entertaining space, a bar or games room, or a fully furnished guest or rental suite? The choice is yours!