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Bathroom Renovations

Make Your Dream Bathroom A Reality.

We start our days by flicking on the light switch in the bathroom, and unwind there after a long day as well. We want a space to be both invigorating and relaxing, both clean and bright, and warm and cozy. And we've all stood in our bathrooms, envisioning that dream makeover to achieve that perfect experience.

At Habermehl, we know that just as everyone's dreamed of the perfect bathroom, everyone's idea of the perfect bathroom is different. It could be function: clever shelving and storage, his-and-hers vanity spaces, or a new ensuite or kid's bathroom. It could be comfort: natural lighting or modern light fixtures, fine materials, and heated flooring. Or it could be luxury: custom tiles and accents, next-level contemporary fixtures, and spa-like tubs and amenities. Whatever the case may be, a well-design and well-executed remodel is sure to provide long-lasting value to you and your family, as well as a a solid investment into your home.

Habermehl can guide you through the process of making your dream a reality, as well as provide consultation and design to add even more exciting and creative solutions to your vision. If, on the other hand, the wealth of choices and decisions seem daunting, we have the expertise to help you incorporate ideas into a cohesive design that suits your needs.

Working Together For You.

Our greatest asset and competitive edge comes from our core values: just as we strive to exemplify Personal Customer Care and Integrity in Everything for each of our clients, we practice the same values when it comes to the relationships with our suppliers and trade partners. We've built those relationships so you can get the best selection, options, and advice at every turn, resulting in the best value for your money. You'll be surprised by how far your budget can go when you have our team working behind you!