It is our mission at Habermehl to provide every customer the experience of "Renovation Excellence" through our core values.
And our customers agree:

“The initial consultation and planning was done with Roeland. He was thoughtful, generous with his time, and was always clear and direct. I’m very glad to have worked with him on the design.

The lead builder was Mark, and he was helped by Ryan and Renaldo. They were great at what they did, and always respected the space by keeping it tidy. I especially appreciated Mark’s attention to detail making sure everything was done well. It really shows in the final product.

Some of the finishes were completed by Bruce, and he deserves a special mention too for the care he took with the final details. I really enjoyed working with him.

Adam took over the second half of the management, and he was great to work with. I’m sure it wasn’t ideal for him to pick up the management of a project halfway through, but I think he did an admirable job managing the added responsibility. He was a good listener and easy to work with. Again, the attention to detail was really good. As an example, when the backsplash tiles were put in crookedly by the subcontractor, Adam offered to have them removed and redone, and he did so of his own volition, without me having to ask. I really appreciated that care; it’s very clear he takes pride in his work.

If I’m doing renovations in Halifax again, you’ll be the first ones I call.”

- Benjamin Scheifele

We had Dwight and his team, in to do a renovation. Pictures on the top of Habermehl Contracting page. Dwight and his team were great, very professional. Their work is second to none, they’re very attentive to every detail. We love the end product. It was just what we envision it would be. It was a great experience working with Dwight and his team.” - Kelly Peckham

We used Habermehl Contracting to build a custom garden shed. Like many people we found our inspiration on Pinterest. We showed Dwight and his team the picture and they went to work. The end product was better then the picture because they built it to suit our specific needs and landscape. The process was painless and they always cleaned up their work site at the end of each work day. We absolutely recommend Habermehl Contracting.” - Jennifer Sangster

We had Habermehl Contracting build a new deck around our pool and they did an awesome job, always professional and on time. Adam did a great job. Will use them again.” - Kevin Lace

Habermehl Construction has done 5 projects on our property: putting in a bay window, exterior repair to a wall, building a deck with an entrance into a room, repair of two exterior door jams, and two porch upgrades. All the work was done with cheerful excellence. The cost estimates were reasonable and honoured. My wife and I really enjoyed having the workers/ craftsmen on our property & in our house. Not only was the work done with excellence, but the site was cleaned up well. Truly they live up to their name of renovation excellence.” - Chris Watts

- Chris Watts

Dwight and his team have completed two projects at the Halifax Chiropractic Clinic, and the results are excellent. Highly recommend Habermehl Contracting Ltd.” - Brian Seaman

I found Habermehl construction to be very good to deal with. They managed my project in a timely manner with quality work. Their tradesmen were skilled and personable. A couple of follow up requests that I had were dealt with fairly and expediently. I would not hesitate to recommend Habermehl construction.” - Jim Goerz

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