Five Considerations For Your New Kitchen

Five Considerations For Your New Kitchen

The Maritimes are known for their kitchen parties. Your kitchen is a central component of your home. Whether it is known as your primary gathering place for friends and family or a quiet culinary workspace, it is important that your kitchen is a space you can love. With over 50 years of experience in builds and renovations, custom home builder Habermehl Contracting has transformed countless kitchens. I discussed this process with Habermehl Contracting’s CEO, Dwight Habermehl, who had several kitchen-enhancing tips to share.


Dwight suggests starting by thinking about your budget. Knowing how much you want to spend will allow you to equip your kitchen with everything you need without going over budget. Establishing a budget will also help your contractor tailor their design to your needs and desires.


Dwight emphasizes the importance of thinking through the layout of your kitchen. “You can have the prettiest kitchen around, but the function is what you’re going to enjoy while you’re working”, Dwight says. Although the layout of your kitchen will be unique to you, there are a few rules of thumb, like having the fridge accessible from all points in the kitchen and placing your sink in front of a window, near the dishwasher. 


Dwight also suggests strategizing your kitchen’s lighting “because you don’t want to have shadows while you’re working but you also want to feature your cabinets.” Select your light fixtures with intention and place them strategically. “You want to create warmth and beauty”, Dwight says.

Fixed Elements

He recommends thinking carefully about the fixed elements: the parts of your kitchen that are not easily changed later, like cabinets and flooring. He describes cabinets as “eye candy” and suggests working with an interior designer who can help you identify your style, when in doubt.


“You really want to think through your flooring, ” Dwight adds. He notes that the beauty of hardwood may not be worth the risk if you have pets or a high risk of water damage in your kitchen. Unlike hardwood, vinyl will not buckle with water damage, potentially saving repairs in the future. “Vinyl has come a long way… you can make a vinyl floor look spectacular.” Tiles may also be a durable, low-maintenance option, but note that dishes will break easily on their surface. By considering how your kitchen will be used, and by whom, you can select flooring that will be beautiful and practical for your needs!

Whatever your needs, let us help you think through your kitchen, from lights to layout. Customize your space, from the first design to the final finishing touches. With Habermehl, you are in control of every detail of your dream kitchen, and when the process seems daunting, we have team members to guide you through each decision so you can focus on one item at a time, assured that our team is stewarding the project’s bigger picture and budget viability. Habermehl Contracting is equipped to make your dream kitchen a reality, give us a call today.


  • Rachel Habermehl,  December 26, 2022


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