SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Habermehl Provides Design for New St. Paul’s Church

Mon, April 29, 2019

On Thursday, April 11, Habermehl Contracting Ltd.'s design for a new St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church (Église Saint-Paul de Bas-Caraquet) was unveiled to the community of Bas-Caraquet in New Brunswick. The proposed building will replace a previous 114-year-old church which was destroyed in a devastating fire last June.

The destroyed St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church
The destroyed St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church (Image source: Global News)

We are honoured to provide design and consulting services for this challenging project. Since it was not possible to rebuild the original church, the parish was tasked with envisioning a new building to meet their current needs. In discussion with the diocese of Bathurst, Habermehl devised a single-floor layout to eliminate the need for a basement as before, making the new church fully accessible. We also incorporated multifunctional amenities including showers and a commercial kitchen that would allow the church to be designated as an emergency comfort center for the community.

Still, everyone involved is committed to preserving as much heritage of the previous century-old church as possible. Our team’s architect emeritus Foster MacKenzie, who has an extensive portfolio including the Saint Benedict Parish (Halifax) and St. John’s Anglican Church (Bedford), drove the vision for salvaging remaining stonework to create a new partial façade. We are also facilitating plans to procure stained glass, decorative pieces, and an organ from closing churches in Saint John and Montreal. In a time when churches are forced to shut their doors, how meaningful that the new church in Bas-Caraquet not only goes against the grain, but could also provide safe harbour to neighbouring heritage that would otherwise be lost.



Artist's renderings of the proposed design

The conceptual design was met with a standing ovation during a presentation to about 200 people in the community last Thursday. We’re confident this is an indication that we’ve not only met the needs of the parish but helped create something to symbolize the vitality of this community. We look forward to working with the church, local contractors, and Ecclesiastical Insurance to see the build come to fruition next year, serving the community once again as it has for over a century.

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At Habermehl Design-Build-Renovate, we value every project we do and strive to deliver excellence to every customer. But we do feel especially blessed when our work connects so directly with faith and service. And we're excited to announce another project with a local church next month!

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