IKEA and beyond - The installation of home design

Tue, October 17, 2017

In follow up of last week, I’d like to discuss IKEA a bit more. Founded in 1943, IKEA recently made its big debut in Halifax, and we couldn’t be happier.  If you’ve been to IKEA, you’ve seen the astounding maze of stunning furniture, every room more exciting and beautiful then the last. There are dozens of walk-in display rooms, making it feel as if you’re strolling through your neighbour’s home. They could not incorporate more loveable colors, creative layouts and downright ingenious designs if they tried.

You don’t need a large home, a big budget or even your own ideas to visit IKEA; they’ve got it already worked out for you.  They display bright, stunning house layouts, covering everything you could possibly need in a home, contained in just a few small rooms. It’s as if IKEA is teaching us, that, whether you live simply or live large, do it well and make it beautiful.

Here at Habermehl Contracting, we are pleased to offer quality service in all areas of renovations and design. We have staff that are ready and able to help you begin your transformation. They are prepared to walk you through every intricate step with ease; whether you choose IKEA products or another source, we want to work together to make your home the best it can be.

So what’s the best way to easily fill your home with the attractive classic white, or the vibrant, bright colours, that IKEA beautifully displays? We are a step-by-step, one-stop shop here at Habermehl Contracting. 

1) Meet together and get to know you and your home

2) Prepare plans with our design specialists

3) Make selections from IKEA (or other sources of your choice)

4) Then we get started at the renovations of your dreams

Now that IKEA is on your doorstep, don’t be afraid to dream!  Give us a call today and let us help you turn your big dreams into stunning realities!