Meet Our Team: Roeland Leenes, Project Designer

Tue, May 05, 2020

At Habermehl, we set ourselves apart from other builders by providing in-house architectural services: we feel strongly that bringing design and construction under one roof allows us to offer the best quality and value to our customers. As our client, you'll get elegant yet practical design informed by real costs, and construction that’s accurate to the original design intent.

Today we’re pleased to highlight the talented team member behind our architectural department, Roeland:


Roeland Leenes, Project Designer studied architecture at the Technical University of Delft (Netherlands), and has prior experience in both corporate architectural firms (including RMJM in UK and FBM in Halifax) and in operating his own design practice. Throughout, Roeland held a primary passion for residential and small commercial projects, which led him to join the Habermehl team.

Roeland declares no “signature” style as such, but is committed to getting to the heart of each client’s vision. He uses his expertise to create individually tailored designs, while prioritizing practical and economical solutions.


Here are a few more thoughts from Roeland:

Can you describe what your clients usually come to you with, and how you work with them to bring their ideas to life? If I don't know the first thing about home design, are you the right architect for me?

It varies a great deal where clients are at the start of the process and what they bring to the table. Some have just a vision in their minds, while others have prepared sketches or pictures of what they hope to achieve. Occasionally they already have design drawings done by others that they’re not happy with and are looking for alterations. Some clients are very involved while others prefer to take a back seat. Each project is unique in its own way, and I like to individually tailor not only the design solutions but also the interaction to meet your expectations. My process always evolves and accommodates whatever you present to me!

What is the most common thing you hear from your clients?

I commonly hear from clients that, when they initially had their reno idea, they had no idea how it actually turns into a buildable project, and they felt stuck. Who do you contact: an architect, a contractor, or a builder? When are drawings required? Sometimes they also tell me they were initially nervous about working with a “designer”, and are relieved when it’s such a smooth experience.

What is your role in a project as it moves into the construction stage?

I have continued involvement into the construction stage. There are always challenges encountered during construction that need attention, and it helps to have the design eye involved in those solutions.

I was always close to the construction side of design, and have a practical orientation to it. In my work in the UK I managed commercial projects on site as well as in the design office, and in my own practice some clients engaged me to oversee the construction of their projects.


Check out some of Roeland's designs below.

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Contemporary lakefront home


Bright rear addition


Spacious family addition