Modern Slate Roofing

Wed, October 25, 2017

Habermehl Contracting has great news… collaborating with Moderne Slate Roofing, we are now providing a new line of composite slate shingles to Nova Scotia. 


Sold worldwide, it’s designed to give homes an authentic European feel, whilst withstanding the strongest Atlantic storms; these shingles take high-tech roofing to the next level. Each slate is carefully crafted in New Brunswick and made of the highest grade, repurposed plastic. “It’s comparable in cost to steel roofing,” my dad says, “but outperforms steel in many ways.”


One of our skilled team members, Luke Sheils, is heading up this project as the new manager of the latest division, now in Nova Scotia. Each slate is 100% green, incredibly durable and carefully engineered to be the very best. “It goes on like asphalt,” Luke says, “but it has the wind resistance, the snow shedding capability, and the longevity of steel, with the added benefits of color fastness and hidden fasteners.” With an incomparable strength and a warranty of 120 years, your roofing is guaranteed to outlive you.


Whether you have a large or cozy home, this product is certain to make your house look stunning. Ideal for ocean fronts, able to withstand up to 170kph winds without a quiver, or a city residence, highlighting a fresh, unique look. Combining the beauty of slate with the simplicity of traditional roofing, it’s the best choice for state-of-the-art shingling; attractive and environmentally friendly, lasting for a lifetime.


If you’re renovating your entire home or just replacing your roof, Habermehl Contracting is the right chose. Call us today at (902) 860-4900 for a free estimate. We would love to show you hands on samples of this incredible product. Your roof will thank you!