Before pic of the mint green 90's basement bathroom - sink and shower Before pic of the mint green 90's basement bathroom - toilet

What to Expect when Renovating with Habermehl by Jennifer Sangster

Thu, March 11, 2021

When we purchased our home 10 years ago, we were excited at the prospect of renovating and putting our stamp on our new home.  It was built in the 90’s so it needed cosmetic updating everywhere, especially in the kitchen.  As a mother of 2 small boys most of my time was spent in that room and it needed to look good but more importantly function well.  We had enough funds to give the main floor a much-needed renovation.  Things were great.  As our family continued to grow, we started to stretch into more areas of the house, into those untouched areas.  Fast forward to present day and it was getting harder to ignore the dysfunction, the cold temperatures in the basement, the questionable DIY bathroom the previous owners put in the basement.  It was time to do some more renovations and this time we called Dwight at Habermehl Contracting Ltd.


The initial consultation was complimentary and consisted of Dwight coming to our house, walking through our space with us and listening to our wish list for our next renovation.  The DIY bathroom in the basement was tops on our list.  We were nervous, what was behind the walls and what if short cuts had been taken during its installation?  We have all seen those TV shows where the previous owner did their own plumbing and electrical and of course it was not up to code and now something was wrong and potentially dangerous.  Honestly, this kept me up some nights.  Not only did I want the very large mint green DIY bathroom gone (check out the before pictures and see why), I wanted a small but functional, practical yet stylish, powder room left in its place.  The bonus of reducing the size of this bathroom was the furnace room behind it would expand and give us more storage, maybe even a home gym area!  So much potential.  What family can resist more storage? 


Dwight took his measurements and notes back to the Habermehl team and a plan was born.  Next post I will share the design process for our little but mighty powder room and how it was going to transform our basement.