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Habermehl Renovation Excellence

Our History

The Habermehl brand has been family-owned for two generations, spanning over 55-years. Our first-rate team is comprised of staff, suppliers, certified specialists, and key trade partners who apply their experience with professionalism and creativity. Moreover, Habermehl is a longstanding member of the Nova Scotia Home Builders and Renovators Association!

Our Methodology

Our goal is to lead you from your dreams all the way to a beautiful, completed reality. We make it our highest aim to take the complexity, pressure, and time consumption out of the renovation process so that you can focus on other life demands while we go to work!

Our founder, Gordon Habermehl, building houses in the 80's

About Us

Meet Our Team

Dwight is our Visionary.

Dwight is not only the President and CEO of Habermehl Contracting, he also creates the vision and purpose that drives our team. Dwight will ensure that your project is completed with the same excellence and quality that his father valued when forming the company in 1963. Dwight’s goal with Habermehl is “to foster a healthy and productive environment, for customers and staff alike, that produces beautiful homes”. When Dwight is not renovating houses, he is spending time with his family or riding his ATV in the Valley.

Dwight Habermehl


Jack is our Brains.

Jack is the General Manager of Habermehl Contracting. You will meet Jack when discussing various administrative or accounting details for your project. With a love for automation and fine-details, Jack works behind the scenes to ensure that Habermehl provides you with the highest quality experience. Jack’s goal with the company is "to lead an efficient design and build process which provides clients with the confidence and trust their investment is being well managed and exceeds their expectations". When Jack is not in the office, he is experimenting with new recipes in his home kitchen!

Jack Betteridge

General Manager

Kristen is our Specialist

Kristen is Habermehl Contracting’s accessibility consultant, certified by the Rick Hanson Foundation of Accessibility Certification (RHFAC™). If you would like to make your home accessible, you will meet Kristen in the design phase; she will help you identify your needs and desires and lead you towards a house that is comfortable and customized for all ages and abilities. Kristen’s goal at Habermehl is “to help you personalize every aspect of your living space to optimize the function of the place you call home”. When Kristen is not enhancing built environments, she is spending time with her family or curled up with a great book.

Kristen Habermehl

Certified Accessibility Consultant

Adam is our Problem Solver.

Adam is the Contractor’s Assistant at Habermehl Contracting. You will first meet Adam during your complimentary consultation, where he will assess your project and ask about the goals and desires you have for your home. Adam is also RHFAC certified, making him a key contributor in our growing accessibility division. Adam’s aim within the company is “to ensure quality and customer satisfaction”. With years of construction and management experience, Adam will ensure that we capture and attend to every detail of your renovation. When Adam is not in office or onsite, he is racing dirt bikes.

Adam Greeley

Contractor’s Assistant

Roeland Is Our Designer

Roeland is our architect and project developer at Habermehl Contracting. You will meet Roeland when you are ready to capture the designs and construction plans for your dream home! His goal at Habermehl Contracting is “to give shape to your expectations and bring your ideas to life”. After studying architecture at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands, and spending years designing residential and commercial buildings, Roeland is well equipped to bring refined design expertise and creative intuition to your project. When Roeland is not designing houses, he is applying his craftmanship in his home workshop.

Roeland Leenes

Architect / Project Development

Josolyn is our Dreamer.

Josolyn is our architectural drafter at Habermehl Contracting. She works behind the scenes during the design process brining your renovation and home build dreams to life. Josolyn's goal at Habermehl is "to design plans that capture the clients dream ideas and vision." When Josolyn isn't drafting plans, she is going thrift shopping or spending time with her friends.

Josolyn Cuvelier

Architectural Drafter

Jay is our Planner.

Jay McNeil is a Project Manager at Habermehl Contracting. You will meet Jay before your renovations begins, as he works behind the scenes on your project, keeping the build on schedule and the budget on track. His goal with Habermehl Contracting is “to continue to grow in competence and responsibility”. He has over a decade of experience in both residential and commercial construction to keep your project running smoothly. When he is not managing projects, Jay and his wife are helping with local youth organizations.

Jay McNeil

Project Manager

Mark is our Trouble-Shooter.

Mark is a Project Manager at Habermehl Contracting. You will meet Mark before your construction begins and he will help guide the development of your project, regularly communicate its progress with you, and oversee its careful completion. Mark’s goal within the company is “to make our clients happy”. With years of construction experience and a passion for excellence, Mark will ensure that your jobsite runs smoothly and efficiently. When he is not onsite with the Habermehl carpenters, Mark is restoring vintage cars or applying his diverse skillsets to home improvement projects.

Mark Humphreys

Project Manager

Jacob is our Coordinator.

Jacob is the design and project administrator here at Habermehl. You will meet Jacob early in the planning process, where he will work administratively with your project, ensuring that every requirement and detail that is necessary to move your project towards construction is properly met. Jacob is also RHFAC trained, making him a key member of our growing accessibility industry. Jacob’s goal with Habermehl is to “to grow in knowledge and understanding of construction and architecture so [he] can become a strong leader in the industry”. When Jacob is not in the office, he is playing sports and music, or hiking in beautiful Nova Scotia.

Jacob Goode

Project Administrator

Luke is our Adaptor.

Luke leads our Special Operations at Habermehl Contracting. He facilitates a task-orientated division of the company which provides hands-on problem-solving. During the construction phase of your build, he will handle high-level details of the project, which fall outside of a general carpenter’s scope, to ensure refined completion in every detail of your project. Luke’s goal with Habermehl Contracting is “to provide quality relations between Habermehl and our clients through ensuring quality of delivered products.” When Luke is not on the jobsites, he enjoys exploring new foods, drawing, and creative writing.

Luke Shiels

Special Operations

Nolan is our Calcuator.

Nolan is Habermehl’s data specialist. As the newest member of our team, Nolan collaborates with Habermehl’s project managers to capture the details of each new build or renovation. He will work behind the scenes on your project to ensure that it closely adheres to its schedule and budget! Nolan's goal with Habermehl is “to increase productivity and efficiency.” When Nolan is not in the office, he is cooking, working out, or watching sports!

Nolan Bodnar

Data Specialist

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