What to Expect When Working with Habermehl Contracting  

What to Expect When Working with Habermehl Contracting

Perhaps you are considering remodeling your home, executing a major renovation, or building a new home from the ground up. Habermehl Contracting has been designing, building, and renovating homes with excellence for over 50 years. We house a team of skilled experts who are ready to guide your project from start to finish. We understand that undertaking any construction project, regardless of size, is no small task; it’s a journey. And you might be wondering what steps are involved in this journey.

First, you can call or email our team! We would love to hear about your project. We will record your information in our “intake form” and book an onsite consultation for a date that is convenient for you! At this consultation meeting, one of our skilled “Construction Consultants” will arrive at your location, capture photos and measurements, explain the next steps, and answer any questions.

If your project requires design or construction plans, our consultant will hand off the details to our design team, who will provide you with the design proposal, which will include: scope, deliverables, and costing. Once the proposal is approved, our architect and design team will create designs to your specifications and present them to you in the following meeting.

After we have a design that captures your vision, we will provide an “Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC)”, or a rough estimate created by referencing cost books. This estimate will not necessarily be the final contract price as changes in your plan, material inflations, and other factors can influence this number later in the process. However, this OPC will give you an expectation for your budget early in the process!

Once the design is completed and there is a commitment to proceed, we would request a retainer to be provided. This small down payment would allow our team to start processing the permits and tenders required for your project and confirm your placement in our project schedule. By starting early, we’ll be able to ‘break ground’ in a timely manner.

As our team formulates an official cost estimate and selects trusted subcontractors for your project, we’ll be able to schedule a convenient date for your project in our “tracks of construction”, or building schedule. We will then assign one of Habermehl’s “Project Managers” to your project: a highly experienced managerial carpenter who will direct the onsite team and oversee the detailed progression of your home during construction.

After these details are in order, we’ll schedule a time to discuss the inclusions of your contract and sign it with you, when you’re comfortable. Then, we can start the work on your project. Our construction team will arrive at your site on the scheduled date to begin the process of creating your dream space. Throughout this construction period, our team will be keeping you in the loop and answering any questions you might have. The carpenters onsite will even be providing you with live updates and photos of your project through our cloud-based app, “Builder Trend”.

When the project is almost complete, your Project Manager will tour you through the home to ensure you are satisfied. It’s important to us that we’ve captured every detail and that the finished product feels like home. On the last day, we will clean up our tools and provide you with information about your included project warranty. Then day-to-day life in your dream home begins.

Want to know more about what to expect when working with Habermehl Contracting? Give us a call today for your next project.

 – Rachel Habermehl, June 14, 2022 
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