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Construction Projects Can Be Overwhelming... Especially if you are:

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You Deserve A Contractor With Integrity

We believe that you deserve a contractor who will renovate your dream home with skill and integrity. At Habermehl, you get a team that will get your dream right! 

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Over 55 Years Experience

Habermehl has been creating beautiful homes for over half a century! Our wealth of experience ensures that every project is developed with competent craftsmanship and quality finishes.

Built With Integrity

Habermehl is a name that has been synonymous with “integrity” since 1963. Honesty, character, and quality of work are at the forefront of every project that Habermehl undertakes.

Inclusive, Proven Process

It is important to us that you feel involved in your project every step of the way! Our renovation process ensures that you will never be left in the dark.

Incredible Track Record

Customers of Habermehl appreciate our quality work and personable communication! See our testimonials below to hear more about our solid track record.

Have Confidence In Your Contractor

We know that you want to feel confident in the craftsman who are making your dream home a reality. To feel confident, you need to find an honest and qualified contractor. At Habermehl Contracting, we believe that you deserve a team that can capture your vision and built it with integrity! Because we recognize the importance of your investment and the heart behind itwe build each project with quality and communication, informed by over 55 years of industry experience. Don’t waste your money on low-quality builds; invest in an experienced contractor who is committed to making your dream home a reality!  

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Our Testimonials

Mark Chin Yee Designation

“The experience was excellent. The people who came and went were always very mindful that we were still living here while they worked. They were very respectful when we had to intrude on their workspace, or if they needed to come into the interior of the house, they were very attentive to what our needs were.”

Ed Peckham Designation

“The staff were very respectful, helpful, and open. The attention to detail is so important to them. When they noticed something, it would be touched up to their satisfaction, which more than met expectations. There were no deficiencies that they did not already address!”

Kelly Peckham Designation

“Their work is second to none, they’re very attentive to every detail. We love the end product. It was just what we envision it would be."

Chris Watts Designation

“Habermehl Construction has done 5 projects on our property . . . Not only was the work done with excellence, but the site was cleaned up well. Truly they live up to their name of renovation excellence.”

Jennifer Sangster Designation

“...The process was painless, and they always cleaned up their work site at the end of each workday. We absolutely recommend Habermehl Contracting.”

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