Backyard Suites: Big Dreams for Small Homes

Backyard Suites: Big Dreams for Small Homes

Recently, Nova Scotia altered a bylaw to allow a small secondary residence on one’s property. This change helped bring the backyard suite to Nova Scotia: a small but fully functional home for family members or visiting friends. Habermehl Contracting’s architect, Roeland Leenes, says “it’s a huge opportunity that is now afforded to us under a bylaw that wasn’t there before”. He describes the growing popularity of these homes, citing their many benefits, from the option of additional income to the opportunity for aging family members to stay close with privacy and independence. 

Home Design and Consulting

Habermehl’s design team has big dreams for these small homes. Roeland and drafter, Jocelyn Cuvelier, have customized numerous backyard suite designs that maintain both fashion and function. “We have several that [clients] can look through,” Roeland says, noting that each of these designs can be further customized to the client’s needs. This means that Habermehl clients can select from exclusive designs to begin the build process even more quickly. Our team can tailor the design to your specifications and add accessible features to ensure that anyone can safely and independently enjoy the home. 

Each Suite Is Unique

Although backyard suites in HRM have unique needs during the build process, Contractor Assistant, Adam Greeley, refers to the innovative problem-solving of Habermehl’s team in saying that “anything is possible.” Whether you’re looking to customize a new build, add an in-law suite to your existing home, or modify your house with accessibility in mind, each project that Habermehl undertakes includes a fine balance of design, cost, and practical considerations. To discuss our exclusive small home designs or learn more about the unique backyard suites process, contact Habermehl Contracting today. 


-Rachel Habermehl,  December 13, 2022

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