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Growing Your Dream Home.

You love your home, but your changing lifestyle—a growing family, housing aging loved ones, or new pursuits—has you feeling a bit cramped. Here's where a home addition or extension comes into play. A ground floor extension, a second storey addition, or an in-law suite, just may be the ideal solution to extend the useable space in your home, as well as your property's value.

But you may have also heard the cautionary tales. As a renovation contractor, we too have all too often see how a poorly built addition can be the weak link in your home. An ill-considered addition can overburden the existing foundation or overload electrical infrastructure, and a poorly tied in envelope can be an entry for water intrusion or pests.

That's because a properly built addition is much more than the added space that you can see. It involves the same things that are considered in new home construction: foundation, drainage, zoning and permitting, plumbing and electrical, heating and cooling, and more. That's why you need someone who will do the job right, and you can count on Habermehl's two generations of home construction and renovation experience and expertise to make all the difference in the process.

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Yours To Imagine.

With full confidence that your addition or extension will be soundly constructed, you can turn your imagination to the things you can see. Want an open concept space, stylish decor,  and modern windows? Or a seamless transition from the existing space? The choice is yours!